MPC Servicios Sociales

MPC Social Services could not do its work without the helping hands of volunteers. Individuals and community groups in Moscow continue to lend their support. In December 2013, the Damas Latinas organization purchased and donated over 100 sets of new reusable food takeaway containers for the pensioners that attend our daily Soup Kitchen- Many of our clients take food home or bring it to those who could not make it to the program that day due to illness or other reasons. Previously, these folks used a combination of takeaway containers they collected over the years, many of which leaked or were in poor condition. One of our volunteers noticed the problem, and due to her vigilance our clients now have new, sturdy containers. Thank you to Damas Latinas, which supports us not only by becoming involved in our programs as individuals, but banded together during the Christmas Season to make a big difference in the lives of our clients. Other groups have also pitched in to organize winter clothing drives, volunteer assistance and other donations. Thank you, on behalf of our clients, for helping us get through the winter!"